Colour Matters When it comes to Your Brand

Thanks to for this week’s infographic that brightly illustrates how important colour is to your brand. The infographic answers yes to the questions:

  • Is the choice of colours for your brand more than just a personal preference?
  • Does it really matter what colour choices you make for your logo and brand?
  • Will your audience really feel differently because of the colour combination?

BrandMe - Colours Matter

BrandMe - Increases Brand Recognition

When you learn that colour increases brand recognition by 80%, that is a powerful message and it makes colour more important than you probably ever thought it was. To increase and appeal and achieve a more powerful effect, use a mix of colours from more than one of the three groups: cool, warm, and neutral. The following 3 categories of colours explain how people often react to them. You can see what each colour in the categories mean or represent.

BrandMe - What Colours Mean

BrandMe - Choose Colours

Since we now know how important colour is when it comes to your brand, the next logical question is how to choose the right colours. With the disclaimer that there is no absolute “right” colour, you can still arrive at the “best” colour for your brand. One of the best ways to choose the best colour is to:

  1. Understand your target audience.
  2. Consider their response to colours.
  3. Your colour palette must appeal to them.

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