6 Tasks to Prepare You for Your Next Trade Show

Much of trade show preparations have to do with logistics, product, and display. This is a great reminder to ensure that your marketing and staff are in place for your next trade show or exhibition event.

BrandMe - 6 Things to do before your next trade show

  1. Create a Clear Marketing Message

A clear and consistent marketing message will help impress booth guests. Your staff and your presentation materials will all support the same messaging. It makes you look organized and customers can immediately understand what you are about.

BrandMe - Create a Clear Message

  1. Gather Success Stories

Testimonials, consumer reviews, and referrals help to show booth visitors why they should choose you over all the competition at the trade show.

BrandMe - Gather Success Stories

  1. Create Realistic and Reachable Goals

Setting goals helps everyone stay on track and also gives you a benchmark for measuring success.

BrandMe - Create Realistic Goals

  1. Read the Entire Show Kit

It sounds simple, but it is so often overlooked. Be sure to read the entire show kit that is given out by the trade show venue. This will contain the prices, rules, and regulations. They are different at each trade show venue and might also vary between promoters or companies. This will ensure that you are prepared and not surprised with any of the details, guidelines, or regulations.

BrandMe - Read the Entire Show Kit

  1. Ask for Cost Savings Deals

It never hurts to ask. Perhaps an exhibit company or show contractor has a bulk rate if you plan on attending more than one of their trade shows throughout the year. They might have a significant discount or deal on certain booth locations.

BrandMe - Cost Saving Deals

  1. Train Yourself and Staff in Booth Etiquette

Second to create that first impression is not an exaggeration. Booth etiquette helps make that split second decision as to whether or not someone stops in your booth. Once they do stop in your booth, then the training and other etiquette techniques take over in winning over customers.

BrandMe - Booth Etiquette

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