5 Expert LinkedIn Tips for Businesses

LinkedIn has been the social network for business professionals since its inception. It remains one of the best ways to connect with business professionals online. It is also well known for connecting job seekers to employers. In addition to mining leads on LinkedIn, there are other ways that businesses can connect with other businesses, organizations, groups, and professionals. Here are 5 expert tips to help businesses leverage better connections through LinkedIn:

  1. Use LinkedIn’s publishing feature. When you use LinkedIn’s new publishing option, your article or post is syndicated throughout your network and groups on LinkedIn. The added amount of exposure that this benefit brings in is well worth the time spent writing the article.
  2. Add video to your business profile on LinkedIn. Video enhances your profile or page and helps you show up in more searches. Profiles with video have been shown to receive more clicks than similar pages that do not have a video.
  3. Create your own LinkedIn Group. Creating a group and then remaining active in that group is an excellent way to keep users in your industry or with similar interests top of mind with your company or services.
  4. Optimize your LinkedIn Page for Search. Adding relevant keywords to each section of your page helps you show up in LinkedIn searches and it also optimizes your page to show up in Google and Bing searches for those keywords.
  5. Take advantage of a Premium LinkedIn account. There are several different levels of premium accounts that you can pay a monthly fee to LinkedIn for. It accounts for half of their revenue. Premium accounts allow you to connect with more people, run advanced search options, and send inMail, which is a valuable feature to connect with leads direct to their inbox. Premium account holders show up in more searchers and their listing is larger.

In closing, LinkedIn can be a very valuable resource for businesses and business professionals wishing to connect with other like-minded professionals, organizations or businesses. It is a tool that you can get the most out of when you put in a little effort. Always fill out your profile in full, use a professional looking headshot, and constantly update your LinkedIn page. Do not wait until you are looking for a new job or new business to take advantage of this network. A few minutes each day or a few times a week can really boost your professional network.

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