The Marketing Power of Trade Show

Trade shows give exhibitors a great deal of power. Using the opportunity and space of your trade show booth correctly can make the difference between success and growth or failure. Included in this post is an infographic image courtesy of Pinterest. We have broken down some of the very important facts for you to show you how powerful and important trade shows can be for your brand and as a force to increase sales.

BrandMe - Marketing Power of Trade Shows

BrandMe - Trade Show Facts

Trade shows are the #1 source for buying decision makers.

  • Expected revenue growth of an average trade show is over 5.6%.
  • Trade show spending increases over 3% year over year.
  • 13% of companies introduce their new products and services at trade shows.

BrandMe - Buyers are Decision Makers

Exhibiting at trade shows is the best way to reach those important buyers who have the decision making power. Making a good and lasting impression to those buyers among the stiff competition of the trade show floor is the next challenge to overcome. Set goals for growth and impress buyers with your new and innovative products by introducing them exclusively at trade shows.

BrandMe - B2B Trade Shows

Not only does it cost an average of 22% less to contact a potential new buyer at a trade show, you benefit from the face to face, in person connections you make versus phone or email introductions. You also have the buyers’ attention rather than catching them at a bad time.

BrandMe - Trade Show Stats

BrandMe - Trade Show Average Numbers

Even with all the benefits of exhibiting at a trade show, you have to be aware of the small window of time you have to make a positive and lasting impression. There are different tactics you can use to make sure to accomplish this goal.

BrandMe - Trade Show Designs

A trade show booth design takes a big role in attracting visitors to your booth. Make sure that your graphics are large enough to be seen from a distance, at least 15 feet away. Display your brand and your logo prominently. Try to choose colours that match your brand but still stand out. Choose different shapes and colours compared to your competition. Take for example, the fact that 36% of attendees stop and examine teardrop shaped flags, but only 4% of exhibitors use them.

BrandMe - Trade Show Promotional Products

Once your booths brings buyers in, finish the job and make that good impression with polished, professional, and a knowledgeable sales team in the booth. Have informative signage, handouts, samples, and audio visuals. Of course, trade show promotions like branded gifts and takeaways are an excellent chance to make that impression last with promotional products that are useful and relevant to your brand.

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