Aussie Social Media Statistics 2013 vs 2014

Is social media a bigger part of your business marketing efforts this year vs. last year? Statistically speaking, most social channels are growing in Australia. If you have not been taking advantage of marketing your business through social media, this article can give you a good idea of which channels you could start with. If you don’t think that social media “works” for your company, then it is important to remember that you get what you put into it. Social media marketing campaigns are just like any other campaigns, they take planning, effort, and an investment of time. Unlike other marketing campaigns, social media can be free to start up since there is no charge for starting social media channels.

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Social Media Increases & Decreases

This chart showing the increases and decreases in usage of each of the social media channels in Australia comes from As you can see, the following social sites saw gains among Australian users from March 2013 to March 2014:

  • Facebook increased by 14%. Even though teens may not be flocking to the social media giant, it is still the most popular choice for social media among Australians with 13.2 million unique users each month.
  • YouTube increased by 14%. YouTube is still wildly popular in Australia with 12.6 million users in March 2014. YouTube also doubles as the world’s second largest search engine, behind Google.
  • WordPress increased by 117%. Of course, this is a huge jump in usage. A small part of the increase can be attributed to Blogger uses abandoning that platform for the more robust features of WordPress. However, Blooger only saw a 3% decline in usage over the last year, so Australians are starting WordPress pages and blogs.
  • Tumblr increased by 80%. This is where the teen users are heading to instead of Facebook. Teens like the anonymity and quick posting style of Tumblr and Instagram.
  • LinkedIn increased by 32%. LinkedIn is one of the most important social channels for businesses and for business professionals.
  • Twitter increased by 15%. Even though Twitter’s 2.5 million Australian users pales in comparison to Facebook, Twitter still continues to grow at a slow and steady rate.
  • Instagram increased 47%. Even through Instagram has less overall users, the large spike in user numbers shows that this is a growing platform and businesses should take heed to Instagram if you want to stay on the cutting age of connecting with customers on a social and visual level.

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