5 Trade Show Tips

In an effort to help our clients perform well at trade shows, we are always looking to offer advice and tips for trade show success. We hope you enjoy and get use out of these 5 trade show tips:

  1. Focus on Quality of Quantity: Not everyone attending the trade show is your customer. If you can identify who your customer is and who you want in your booth, target that demographic and focus on converting those leads rather than wasting time attending to trade show attendees that are not your target audience.
  2. Show Off What’s New: Highlighting your new products or services will give your booth and your brand a fresh appearance. This will most certainly appeal to your target audience at a trade show. Everyone is attracted to and interested in what is real.
  3. Embrace the” Touchy Feely” Effect: You should not only plan for trade show attendees to be able to touch the merchandise, but expect them to and create an booth that accommodates this concept. Everyone likes to be able to touch and feel products and try them out. Use your trade show booth as an avenue to enable this idea.
  4. Be Prepared: It may sound like a Boy Scout concept, but it applies to business too. Especially with trade shows, in order to make the most out of all the efforts, make sure that the team is well trained and prepared to answer any and all questions and have the product knowledge and sales skills necessary.
  5. Pick the Right Promotional Products: Branded and promotional products are our area of expertise. We always advise our clients to choose promotional products that are in line with what they do. Make sure that they are relevant to your brand and useful to your customers. You want your investment in a promotional gift to make it back home from the trade show with your clients.

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