Beakers and Tumblers

Plastic Double Wall Tumblers
500 units: around

Promotional Double Wall White Tumblers are a product that is functional and stylish.

MIN QTY: 100
*Price each, confirm with quote
Double Wall White Tumblers
100 units: around

Promotional Double Wall White Tumblers are a product that is functional and stylish.

*Price each, confirm with quote
Madura High Ball Tumblers
144 units: around

A great way to promote your business or next event with a high grade item!

*Price each, confirm with quote
Coffee Cup Tumblers
240 units: around

Idea for hospitality services and companies everywhere, this product is one of our best

*Price each, confirm with quote
Verona Double Wall Glass Tumblers
100 units: around

A great way to keep your drink of choice at the perfect temperature with a great advertising tool

*Price each, confirm with quote
Decanters with Cup
100 units: around

A great way to promote your company, these all new Decanters have quickly become a crowd favourite

*Price each, confirm with quote
BrandMe Team

Create something amazing with a Promotional Beaker or Tumbler

 Beakers and Tumblers have proven to be one of the most effective promotional items in the industry, due to their uniformly high quality and durable manufacture ensuring an exceptional level of longevity, and thus an exponentially growing number of people who will observe your message or logo. By capturing and retaining your potential clients attention with an intricate demonstration of chemical prowess, the eye-drawing design that will be featured on these exceptional promotional items serves to truly imprint itself in the forefront of their mind. Here at BrandMe we cater to every professional and professional, and the scientific industry is no different.

By allowing us to put your logo on an exceptional, industry-grade promotional item that many scientific organisations need and purchase, smart companies are able to gain the most from their marketing budget by turning these products into an eye-catching advertisement for themselves - scientific and experimental companies use these items, so why not let them work for you?

With many different styles, shapes and volumes of containers available, all needs and wants can be catered for and will ensure that your choice is appropriate for your work - your staff or peers will be happy and excited to use high-quality, professional items while your organisation benefits from the added advertising. There are many different types or promotional beakers and tumblers, and obviously industry professionals will require a higher grade of product while high-schools or promotional giveaways will be happy with our low price points!

It’s no secret – it can be confusing when making a purchase so it is important that you partner with a supplier who understands your needs as much as they understand and know the range of products available.  We know our range inside-out, so we can add real value to your purchase by recommending the clothes that will work best for you and your company or club.  As there are so many beaker options available there are also many different price points – if you have a budget or garment type in mind just call and ask us for some advice as we are the ones to talk to when  you want more.

Why Brand Me Promotional?
We are focused on providing an open and honest approach to all customer dealings.  We will go that extra mile to help turn your marketing ideas into real, tangible Promotional Item solutions - solutions that add to your bottom line.& nbsp; We can do this as our staff shares the passion that you have for your business - our simple philosophy is to treat you in the same manner as we would wish to be treated ourselves.