Marathon Pedometers
500 units: around

With an impressive capacity, this Marathon Pedometer is a stunning visual option

MIN QTY: 150
*Price each, confirm with quote
Retractable Badge Holder Pedometers
500 units: around

This innovative design is ideal for hospitals, trade shows and offices

MIN QTY: 150
*Price each, confirm with quote
Panic Pedometers
500 units: around

A great idea for those looking to promote while maintaining a safe environment!

MIN QTY: 100
*Price each, confirm with quote
Classic Pedometers w/ Clock
500 units: around

Keep track of your fitness goals and the time with a great new promotional option

MIN QTY: 150
*Price each, confirm with quote
BioGreen Economiser Pedometers
500 units: around

An environmentally friendly option that will impress your clients and staff

MIN QTY: 150
*Price each, confirm with quote
Pedometer - Indent Order
250 units: around

This product comes to you at incredible savings thanks to our Factory Direct system!

*Price each, confirm with quote

Have your marketing in-step with Promotional Branded Pedometers

When we are selecting Promotional Items we look towards marketing items that we know are practical.  Having an item that performs a basic utility is essential for it to be effective for a promotion.  The Promotional Pedometer is one such functional item.  With it's basic utility of recording how many steps you take (and even how many calories you have burn) it means that recipients will start to interact with the pedometer straight-away and then interact with it on an on-going basis.  This is ideal because the second main feature we look for is the ability to feature your branding or message.  All of the Pedometers that we showcase in this category can feature your logo print or branding message.  When we couple the functionality of a product along with the branding space we are left with an effective Promotional Product!

As you can see when you start looking through this selection of Logo Branded Pedometers we can offer a selection of different sizes, colours and price points.  This means that these functional pedometers can be used as a low cost giveaway or as an item that supports a serious health-based initiative or promotion. Of course one of the great things about our Promotional Pedometers, and all of our marketing products for that matter, is that they are highly targeted.  You only give these to those that you want - there is no wasted distribution like other media forms - these are only given to those that you want meaning that every ounce of promotional effectiveness is squeezed out of your marketing dollar.

Our staff here at BrandMe Promotional are here to help you select the Pedometer that will best suit you brand (colours and style), marketing message and budget however our customer service does not stop there.  We look towards giving you extremely effective branding graphics and design on your pedometer.  With the use of great design we can transform an ordinary looking product into something unique and of real, tangible, marketing value - please take advantage of this service - it is here for you to use!

Why BrandMe Promotional?
We are focused on providing an open and honest approach to all customer dealings.  We will go that extra mile to help turn your marketing ideas into real tangible Promotional Item solutions - solutions that add to your bottom line.  We can do this as our staff share the passion that you have for your business - our simple philosophy is to treat you in the same manner as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

We measure our success in retaining clients - only when you come back for more quality products are we truly happy - your brand, message and marketing efforts will always be on the mark when you team up with - expect more.  

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