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Yarra Fibreplus Umbrellas
100 units: around

Stacked full of superior features the Yarra Fibreplus umbrella sets a new mark in umbrella design and quality in Australia.

*Price each, confirm with quote
Bondi Beach Towels
100 units: around

At last a quality Promotional Beach Towel made from the finiest materials at a low, giveaway price - meet the Bondi.

*Price each, confirm with quote
Cottesloe Folding Flyers
2500 units: around

Very simply the best value folding flyer on the market in Australia: The Cottesloe Folding Flyers - with bonus case print free of charge!

MIN QTY: 500
*Price each, confirm with quote
Cottesloe Picnic Rugs
100 units: around

A great idea for the hot Australian beach or for that next picnic event! - Cottesloe Picnic Rugs

*Price each, confirm with quote
Mosman Premium Water Bottles - 750ml
500 units: around

Very simply the best quality and value Promotional Water bottle on the market - expect more - read more here>>

MIN QTY: 100
*Price each, confirm with quote
Saver Folding Stubby Coolers
1000 units: around

The Saver Folding Stubby Cooler is made from 3mm neoprene and is made at a low price point so you can promote whilst not breaking the bank!

MIN QTY: 250
*Price each, confirm with quote
152mm Beach Balls
2500 units: around

Our Beach Balls are Australia's best value and this one is no exception - the baby of the range the 152mm size is very popular.

MIN QTY: 1000
*Price each, confirm with quote
Polar Fleece Blankets
100 units: around

Keep warm this winter with a fantastic an innovative product from BrandMe Promotional

*Price each, confirm with quote
Ebony Sling Bags with Coffee Set
100 units: around

Coffee Sets are a great way to promote your business as well as gain an effective tool

*Price each, confirm with quote
Parkville Fibreplus Premium Umbrellas
100 units: around

The Parkville Fibreplus Premium Umbrella is our top-of-the-line Umbrella: packed full of features - click through to read them!

*Price each, confirm with quote
Compact Professional Binoculars
100 units: around

A sublime item that displays an incredible level of finish and attention to detail

*Price each, confirm with quote
BBQ Sets in a Deluxe Case
100 units: around

The best BBQ set on the market, this exceptional product will quickly improve your tong skills

*Price each, confirm with quote

Have fun whilst getting your name out there: Outdoor Promotional Items

When choosing Promotional Items, you need to first know your target market and aim for what they want and need. Outdoor Promotional Item are ideal for people who love the great outdoors as well as for those who often find themselves outside in the sun for fun. You can easily promote your brand, company name, and spread your message with the use of the wide range of products that are use out of doors. We can help you do that by adding your logo, company name, and slogan onto any product used out in the open, which in turn helps your brand and message become more visible.

There are a lot of things that can be used as customised Outdoor Promotional Products. Anything that can be used out of doors can be considered for this particular purpose and has a long list of products you can choose from. Umbrellas for sporting events like golf and for use at the beach, sunglasses, and portable folding chairs can be found on this list. BBQ and picnic sets, beach blankets and towels, and even simple hand fans are great for promotional purposes as well. Those who need to spread their message, to promote a brand, or advertise an event can choose any of these items for their advertising needs. Companies, event planners, organisations, and even clubs can also buy these promotional products for their own differing needs.

You can easily find these different outdoor products in a variety of colours and designs as well as many different sizes and shapes. Whether you are a sports club handing out souvenirs to members or a company planning a golf tournament, we have the Promotional Outdoor Products that you need. There are a lot of outdoor recreational activities that you can use some of the products on as evidenced by what you can read here: Outdoor Recreation. The list you just saw does not even include the outdoor sports that can also use the outdoor marketing products that you can get from us.

With such a wide variety of products to choose from it is but natural that you find yourself wondering whether the items you select are ideal for your needs. We are here to help you. With our extensive and in-depth knowledge of our product lines and experience in handling such enquiries you can expect more from us as we can easily give you the kind of advice that will help you make the right decision when it comes to your outdoor branded promotional products. And when you want more, we can give you more with sound advice that takes your budget and preferences into careful consideration.

Why Brand Me Promotional?
We are focused on providing an open and honest approach to all customer dealings.  We will go that extra mile to help turn your marketing ideas into real, tangible Promotional Item solutions - solutions that add to your bottom line.  We can do this as our staff shares the passion that you have for your business - our simple philosophy is to treat you in the same manner as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

We measure our success in retaining clients - only when you come back for more quality products are we truly happy - your brand, message, and marketing efforts will always be on the mark when you team up with expect more.

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