iPhone Megaphone Speakers
500 units: around

Incredible style and a fresh, funky look make this a highly poplar promotional tool

MIN QTY: 150
*Price each, confirm with quote
Stand N Splitters
500 units: around

Ensure you have one of the best promotional advertising items on the market with this option

MIN QTY: 100
*Price each, confirm with quote
500 units: around

A great product for high quality sound and an excellent look to make them effective

MIN QTY: 150
*Price each, confirm with quote
iBCool Speakers
500 units: around

Great portable speakers that feature a unique design making them convenient and functional

MIN QTY: 100
*Price each, confirm with quote
Extended Base Ear Phones
500 units: around

A stunning audio experience that will ensure that you get incredible sound every time

MIN QTY: 100
*Price each, confirm with quote
Portable Stereo Speakers with Integrated Case
250 units: around

These stereo alternatives are a fantastic travel or room item

*Price each, confirm with quote
12 Litre Cooler Bags with AM/FM Radio
100 units: around

Listen to your favourite tunes while keeping cool this summer

*Price each, confirm with quote

Audio Products for Promotional Purposes

Promoting your brand with success is not an easy task.  There are many different types of media available - print, radio, tv, yellow pages and .... Promotional Marketing Products.  There are several advantages of considering getting products branded with your logo and one of the most popular types at the moment is IT products like Promotional Audio Products.

We have a small but comprehensive range with products covering several different types plus Audio products such as speakers, MP3 Items and Promotional Earphones.  All of these products allow you to align your company or brand as being tech savvy.  All of the Audio Products that you see here can be branded with your logo or message.  One of the great advantages of using Promotional Items is that they are targeted - you only give them to those people that you want - there is no wasted distribution.

Once you have selected which item you would like (our staff are here to aide you in this process) we can help put together great looking artwork.  Good looking graphics that compliment and enhance your brand are essential to transform your items from something generic to a unique marketing talking point.  Contact us to take advantage of our team of graphic artists - they will be glad to help with this.

Why Brand Me Promotional?
We are focused on providing an open and honest approach to all customer dealings.  We will go that extra mile to help turn your marketing ideas into real, tangible Promotional Item solutions - solutions that add to your bottom line.  We can do this as our staff shares the passion that you have for your business - our simple philosophy is to treat you in the same manner as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

We measure our success in retaining clients - only when you come back for more quality products are we truly happy - your brand, message, and marketing efforts will always be on the mark when you team up with expect more.

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