Dye Sub Photo Mugs
Evandale Porcelain Plus Mugs - 
Full Colour
144 units: around

Our ever popular Evandale Porcelain Plus Mugs with a full colour wrap logo right around the mug - expect more at

*Price each, confirm with quote
Omega Dye Sublimation Mugs
250 units: around

The same shape as the ever popular can mug the Omega Mug features a full colour wrap print as standard

*Price each, confirm with quote
Latte Dye Sublimation Mugs
250 units: around

A great looking mug the Latte is costed here with a full colour print wrapping right around it.

*Price each, confirm with quote
Roma Dye Sublimation Mugs
250 units: around

A tall, sleek and slender option in the full colour art finish - a striking mug that will be a talking point.

*Price each, confirm with quote
Fantasy WOW Mugs
250 units: around

A magical mug! - your artwork will appear when hot liquids are added to the Fantasy WOW mug!

*Price each, confirm with quote

Promotional Dye Sublimation Photo Mugs

When you want to make a big marketing impact there are a few different directions to go.  However over the years we have witnessed that one of the most effective ways to increase brand recognition and recall is to use colour in your promotional materials.  A Dye Sublimation Promotional Coffee Mug is one such product where you can employ colour to good use. Read about the psychology of colour in marketing here.

Dye Sub Photo Mugs allow you to use branding in full colour - photographs too!  We have a small range of these mugs as we are limited to doing these designs on mugs that have straight edges and curve in only one direction.  This limitation is because this decoration procedure involves the use of rotary printing machines.  Having said that the ability to print anything greatly increases what can be communicated.  On this webpage our standard Photo Mugs are the Omega, Roma and Latte.  In addition to that we also have the Fantasy WOW mug.  This clever mug comes in plain black, when hot liquids are added your artwork magically appears and creates that important 'WOW' factor.

Of course after selecting your chose Dye Sub Photo Mug the development of not just good but great artwork is what will drive the success of your promotion.  Here at we have a team of graphics specialists whose job it is to do just that!

Why Brand Me Promotional?
We are focused on providing an open and honest approach to all customer dealings.  We will go that extra mile to help turn your marketing ideas into real, tangible Promotional Item solutions - solutions that add to your bottom line.  We can do this as our staff shares the passion that you have for your business - our simple philosophy is to treat you in the same manner as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

We measure our success in retaining clients - only when you come back for more quality products are we truly happy - your brand, message, and marketing efforts will always be on the mark when you team up with expect more.

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